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The End Times

A presentation on the Catholic perspective of the End Times given by Deacon Bob Seith


Hi, I am Joni (pronounced "Johnny"). I’m a child of God, a deacon’s wife, a mom, a priest’s mother, a “Mimi,” a prayer warrior, and artist. I love the Lord and became a Catholic convert from a culturally Jewish background when I met Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. For 15 years I was the President/founder of Biblically Correct, Inc until the devastation of a connective tissue condition forced my early retirement. I’ve written and illustrated 2 children’s books, Cloud of Witnesses I & II. My background in Art Education, graduate studies and experience in Guidance and Counseling, and a MSP from IPS, Institute of Psychological Studies /Divine Mercy University has prepared me to minister as a Spiritual Mentor and Unbound Prayer Team Leader. Through the grace of God, my illness, limitations and constant pain has drawn me into a closer relationship with Our Lord and has given me a greater appreciation of His sacrificial love for us. My cup truly overflows in blessings and thanksgivings.

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